• Strawberry Basil Margarita
    Strawberry & basil infused Tequila,
    Strawberry Liqueur, lemon juice & sugar blended and
    piled high.
  • Coconut Margarita
    Coconut 1800 Tequila, Malibu, Triple Sec, fresh lime &
    pinch of coconut cream, shaken to perfection
    & served with coconut rim.
  • Passion in a Cup
    Vodka and Aperol shaken up with pineapple and lime
    with fresh passionfruit and a hint of juicy strawberry jam.
  • Gina
    HBK’s Gin special with triple sec muddled with lime and
    cucumber and topped up with classic tonic.
  • Blueberry Mojito
    A fruity twist on classic, muddled blueberries and mint,
    blueberry liquor, vodka and lime with a dash of soda.
  • The Askling
    Vanilla vodka and fresh passionfruit, beaten egg white,
    vanilla syrup and freshened with lime.
  • Frutti Bourbon
    Trust us on this one…
    Blended Jim Beam and condensed milk with fresh orange
    and mango.
  • The Mandarin
    A dark and fruity mix of Bacardi Oro rum with orange and
    simple syrup.


Perfect to share…

  • Passion in a skull
    Your favourite signature; vodka and aperol shaken
    with pineapple and lime with fresh passionfruit
    and juicy strawberry jam.
  • Calavero Paloma
    Our own Mexican inspired Paloma, a blend of
    tequila, lime and orange with sweet rasberry and topped
    up with grapefruit & lemonade.
  • Tropical Cyclone
    A familiar tropical flavour sensation,
    Bacardi rum and Blue Curaco whirled
    with coconut cream and pineapple juice.
  • *Must allow the smoke to disappear
    and show to finish before consuming
    **Only for the daring


Your favourite cocktails, the
healthy Herbal Fix way…

  • Beauty Margarita
    Introducing a serious concoction of Tequila,
    lemon juice, mango puree and Mango flavour
    Herbal Fix BEAUTY.
    Garnished with lemon & dry chili flakes
  • Passionfruit Paddington
    A fruity and tart blend of Vodka, passionfruit
    pulp, Passoa, lemon juice, topped with passionfruit
    flavour Herbal Fix FOCUS.
    Garnished with fresh passion fruit & mint
  • Banana Colada
    Stolen from God’s private collection.
    Truly heavenly blend of fresh banana,
    Disaronno, Baileys, Bacardi dash of coconut syrup,
    coconut cream, pineapple juice topped with
    guarana & banana flavour Herbal Fix ACTIVE.
    Garnished with fresh pineapple &
  • We believe a Healthier World is a Better World.


  • No Name Yet
    Too nice we couldn’t even name it…
    A zesty & sweet blend of fresh muddled lime,
    Vanilla Vodka & pink grapefruit juice
    with a pinch of sugar and lots of love.
  • Lychee Punch
    We stumbled across this one, don’t ask how…
    Sweet and fruity mix of Soho Lychee, Bacardi Rum and
    Watermelon Liquor with pineapple jucie and muddled
  • Frutti Like Shruti
    Vodka brought to life with fresh berries, orange,
    lemon and lime, raspberry syrup and topped up
    with cranberry.
  • Raspberry Kiss
    A simple kiss…
    Vodka and Raspberry syrup with mint, lime and
    ginger ale.


Your classic, your way…
Simply ask your waitstaff to make
it just how you like it

  • Amaretto / Whisky Sour
  • Long Island Ice Tea
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Old Fashioned
  • Espresso Martini
  • Piña Colada
  • Mojito
  • Daiquri
  • Margarita
  • Manhattan
  • Caprioska
  • Negroni
  • Bloody Mary
  • French Martini


  • Frutii Digger
    A blend of apple and pineapple juice, agave and lime,
    topped up with soda and fresh sliced strawberry.
  • The Vitamins
    Mango puree mixed with orange juice, a shot
    of sherry juice and lime, with grape and berries
  • African Shake
    Fresh coffee blended with banana, milk and vanilla ice
    cream served up with fresh pineapple.
  • Passion Sling
    Passionfruit and orange, tangy grapefruit and
    lime topped up with lemonade and fresh passionfruit