Harbour Bar & Kitchen


For those who have always been tempted by the world of Whisky… Learn more about whisky in an entertaining and fun atmosphere.

A distinguished and sophisticated tasting experience of mature and discerning palate.
An impressive independent selection of whiskys. Join our whisky connoisseur for 90 minutes session, whether you’re looking to hone your knowledge or just up for fun.
Whisky 101 – An introduction to the spirit and a look at the classic styles from the home of whisky distilling. We look at the 3 powerhouses of whisky distilling – Ireland, Scotland & The USA – the history and the differing methods of production
Whisky’s of the world – Do the Scots do it best? We’ll explore the wonderful world of whisky as interpreted by the Irish, Scottish, Japanese perhaps even an Indian, Aussie or Taiwanese or two.
Masterclass – Here we look at whiskys that have won awards or gained international recognition from scoring extremely high on the professional score cards.
In order to have the best experience we require minimum of 10 people for this class.